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Licensed trade insurance specialists.

Working through specialist insurance firms, our partner financial advisers can provide insurance that gives you exactly the cover you need at an affordable price. There’s a lot that can go wrong in the hospitality business, and it’s important you identify the risks and protect yourself against them.


Preventing losses

What would the financial implications be of a power cut that meant the food in your freezers defrosted? How would you compensate a member of staff who was assaulted and had to take time off work because of their injuries? What about if a customer was hurt on your premises? You can’t stop things going wrong, but you can put the relevant insurances in place so you don’t suffer financially when they do.

Protecting your interests

Beyond these specific risks, you’ll also want to think about what would happen if the business was unable to operate for any reason. Flooding, vandalism, computer problems – anything that means you can’t open as normal means you lose money. How long could you afford to stay closed? Take out business interruption insurance, and you’ll be covered for loss of income and/or increased costs should the worst happen.

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Supporting your family

We can also find you good value life insurance, critical illness protection and more, to make sure that the people around you won’t be worrying about money if anything happens to you.

Every business is different, so taking personal advice is the best way to make sure you’re covered to an appropriate level and for the relevant risks.

licensed trade insurance specialists

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