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A fair deal for your utilities

Utilities & Energy management services

Pubs4Profit provide access to consistently good value utilities. We can help cut your costs for gas, electricity, mobile phones, landlines and broadband.

With every utility company chasing your business, there are a lot of big promises out there. But how do you work out where the best deals really are? And how do you know that the best deal today will still be the best deal tomorrow, let alone in six months’ time?

Rather than chasing short term offers that can be followed by big price rises, we find you a fair deal that delivers consistently competitive prices.

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Benefits include:

  • Consistently low prices – no need to keep chasing a better deal.
  • A single clear and detailed bill covering all the services you choose – see quickly and easily where your money’s going.
  • Award winning call centre support –problems sorted out fast.
  • No minimum contract – no ties or early termination fees.
  • You can keep your current phone numbers, both landline and mobile. You’ll be in control of your utility spending and can be confident your bills will stay competitive.

Even if you’re not at the end of your contract yet, it’s worth talking to us, as it’s often possible to get you cash to cover the cost of coming out early.

If you’d rather spend time looking after customers than researching utility providers you need to talk to us!

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