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Food Information Regulations 2014 – fuss-free compliance

Food Regulation Compliance

Working closely with food allergy experts, we can help you put all the arrangements in place to make sure you comply with the new EU Food Information regulations coming into force in December 2014.

The new regulations – officially called the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulations 1169/2011 – will make life very much easier and safer for people with food allergies. But they present a real challenge for those in the trade.

What the Food Information regulations mean

No longer will it be OK to say a dish might contain allergens, or that you just don’t know. Under the regulations, you must make available to customers written information about which of the top 14 allergens are in each of your dishes. Sanctions for non-compliance could include criminal proceedings as well as large fines and, of course, damage to your reputation.

To get it right involves not only creating a list once, but keeping it up to date. If you regularly change your menu, you’ll need to review your allergens information every time. Where you offer specials, you’ll need to work out an accurate allergen list for each. You’ll also need to keep a detailed check on what you buy. Where one supplier’s ground almonds might be pure, for example, another’s might contain peanuts. There’s a lot to do.

Our experts will take you through the process step by step, and show you how to manage this new way of working as easily and efficiently as possible.

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Our Food Information regulations services include:

  • Advice on the legislation.
  • Systems and software to help you check products and ingredients.
  • Documenting recipes and creating allergen registers.
  • Training for kitchen and front of house staff.
  • Creating legally-complaint documentation.

Bring in our consultants to get you up and running, and you can be confident you’re doing what’s needed to stay on the right side of the law and keep your customers safe.

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