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Restaurant Stocktaking Audits

Restaurant stocktakers

Catering is one of the most competitive markets in the UK so it pays for any business operating in the Restaurant trade to conduct a regular stocktake to ensure that it is operating profitably. A professional stock audit will enable you to check that your business is performing to its projected forecast, and you are receiving the gross profit that you had intended.

How can Pubs4Profit help?

A Pubs4Profit stocktake will highlight any problems in your wet and dry stock causing financial leakage, for instance theft or portion control issues. we will also identify unprofitable products and menu items to determine whether the pricing and ordering of stock is accurate.
What to expect from us?

Pubs4Profit Stocktakers will discuss every aspect of your restaurant business stock audit with you and will highlight any areas which can be improved on to increase your profitability.

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Our restaurant stocktakers service typically includes:

  • A full food count audit including analysis of Food Gross Profit and Menu Food Gross Profit.
  • Wastage and staff feeding allowances are taken into account.
  • Identify and advise on any areas where you are losing stock due to theft or wastage.
  • Advice is given on food storage, stock levels, and costs.
  • Analyse and advise on your prices versus invoice costs.
  • Identify short dated and out of date stock and advise on how to reduce losses caused by this.
  • Analyse the effect of any promotions or allowances to pinpoint stock/profit variations.
  • Analyse your purchases to make sure you have only paid for what you’ve agreed to.
  • Identify how much of your cash needs to be in a cellar rather than in the bank.
  • Calculate Gross Profit and gross margins – reports the average profit for each area of your business to keep your finger on the pulse.
  • As all of our auditing takes place on site and is in strict confidence and our reports are available to you on the day of the stocktake. Our stocktakers experience and
  • local knowledge together with the comprehensive, easy to understand reports created from your stock audit will enable you to manage your business much more effectively

Restaurant Stocktakers

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